Extra Large Jar

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A captivating vessel of inspirational wonder. Masterfully crafted with Peter Ivy’s signature handiwork of sublime glass art, the Extra Large Jar is a testament of the intertwined simplistic usage of the mundane with the exceptionally detailed touch of an elevated art form.

Like the sweeping deep gorges of Toyama, Japan, where most of the world-renowned glassmaker Peter Ivy’s inspiration for his pieces take place, the Extra Large Jar is like a deep, invisible fortress itself; a formidable container ready to encapsulate and showcase the beauty of tranquil nature.

With its muted grey tinted glass and its carefully placed copper handle outlining the molded silhouette of the custom-blended glass, the Extra Large Jar is an inspiring masterpiece that kindles the heart of the bare, minimalistic artisan soul.


  • Material: custom-blended grey-tinted glass.

  • Dimensions: φ200 mm x 270 mm (φ7.9" x 10.7")

  • Care: Hand-wash with a gentle soap and water.

  • Due to the very nature of handcrafted glass, each piece is one-of-a-kind and might vary slightly from the pictures.
  • Hand Crafted with Love in Japan

    All Peter Ivy Creations are made by him in his workshop in Toyama, Japan.

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