Omori Set

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Evoking the nostalgia of traditional beam scales, the Omori is a study in balance and grace. Each set, featuring a classic and two smaller sizes, transforms glass into significant, delicate droplets of art. Nestled in a bespoke wooden box, this trio exudes a quiet yet commanding presence.

Limited to 50 sets, each with an Edition Number card, the Omori Set aspires to become a cherished treasure. A symbol of harmony and refined simplicity, it awaits a place in your collection.

-Limited to one set per customer.
-Shipping will start sequentially from December 18th.


  • Omori
    Material: custom-blended green-tinted glass.

    Small: approx. φ28 mm × 38 mm (approx. φ1.10 inches × 1.50 inches)
    Medium: approx. φ32 mm × 45 mm (approx. φ1.26 inches × 1.77 inches)
    Large: approx. φ40 mm × 55 mm (approx. φ1.57 inches × 2.17 inches)

  • Box
    Material: maple wood, custom-blended grey-tinted glass.

    Dimensions: approx. 150 mm x 80 mm x 83 mm (approx. 5.91 inches x 3.15 inches x 3.27 inches.)

  • Care Instructions
    The glass can be hand-washed with water and kitchen soap. The wooden box is not water-resistant, so please gently wipe it with a dry cloth.

  • Notes
    Due to the very nature of handcrafted glass, each piece is one-of-a-kind and might vary slightly from the pictures.
  • Hand Crafted with Love in Japan

    All Peter Ivy Creations are made by him in his workshop in Toyama, Japan.

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