Pasta Jar S

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A Flair of Fine Mundane

When something basic becomes a thing of beauty. Blown and sculpted with master glassblower Peter Ivy’s signature mix of grey-tinged glass into a refined succinct jar fastened by the clean lines of the rustic copper-coated steel wire, the Pasta Jar S is a piece of functional art ready to take the center stage under the light of a bright, sunny kitchen.

True to his minimalistic yet practical form of art, Peter Ivy makes the ordinary into something a little bit extra.


  • Material: custom-blended grey-tinted glass.

  • Dimensions: φ70 mm x 210 mm (φ2.7" x 8.3")

  • Care: Hand-wash with a gentle soap and water.

  • Due to the very nature of handcrafted glass, each piece is one-of-a-kind and might vary slightly from the pictures.
  • Hand Crafted with Love in Japan

    All Peter Ivy Creations are made by him in his workshop in Toyama, Japan.

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