Staff Favorites - 2023.09.02


The Kobo series bowls, characterized by their comforting thickness, are not just mere containers but vessels with lids. They seamlessly marry aesthetics with function, allowing you to both store and display, ready to be served straight to the dining table. Eschewing the commonality of plastic wraps, these bowls are adorned with wooden lids, facilitating everyday usage.

Their design enables effortless stacking, almost like containers, making them fridge-ready immediately. Each wooden lid is an ode to craft, meticulously handcrafted by wood artisans in Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture.

The utility of these bowls lies in the depth and heft of the glass. During the creation process, pieces are occasionally broken open to examine and perfect the thickness and layers. A distinguishing feature of the Kobo series is the spiral pattern found on the underside of each piece.

This intricate design is a vestige from the pontil mark, formed during the transition from one blowing rod to another—a testament to the artisan's touch and the flow of creation.