Staff Favorites - 2023.10.28

Small Rim Plate

In the artistry of crafting, the Small Rim Plate stands as a testament to the fluid dance between material and maker. Its form, reminiscent of the gentle ripples of water, offers a tactile memory of glass once molten, reminding us of the transformative journey it took to become solid. This plate captures the essence of glass trying to find its shape, aided delicately by the hands and tools that mold it, allowing us to witness the evocative play of form.

Amidst its serene aesthetic lies a halo of light, a silent celebration of beauty and meticulous craftsmanship. The Small Rim Plate isn't merely an object, but an experience—a fusion of utility and joy, waiting to imprint moments of delight onto its user. Where the three circles of beauty, technique, and purpose intersect, one finds the soul of the plate's creation.